Building Enduring Bridges through Alumni‎

Project Title Building Enduring Bridges through Alumni‎
Project Summary Virtually engage with USG program Alumni throughout NE Brazil to strengthen the Consulate’s Alumni network, build stronger ties between existing alumni groups, and assist alumni with ongoing initiatives and activities.
Country Brazil
Agency Department of State
DoS Office N/A
Section PAS
Number of Interns 1
Project Description

Recife's consular district is larger than Peru.  With eight states, 40 million people, and a three person Public Affairs Section, we are looking for innovative ways to extend our reach. We have worked hard in recent years to mobilize ‎our Alumni (Brazilians who have participated in USG sponsored programs). We now have active Alumni Groups, in several states, engaging on a daily basis and advancing various initiatives.  However, our success has brought new challenges.  The ‎communication that exists amongst alumni is ad hoc and difficult to track.‎ We need a virtual intern to actively engage with these groups via social media (WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram) and email to build SOPs and stable channels of communication for tracking and supporting alumni initiatives. We need a virtual intern to help us sift through these communications and identify ways to consolidate and share it more easily.‎

Required Skills or Interests
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