Build Modern Workshop Materials for Priority Goal Leaders & Their Teams (

Project Title Build Modern Workshop Materials for Priority Goal Leaders & Their Teams (
Project Summary Help about 100 Agency Priority Goal leaders and their teams governmentwide achieve their goals. The practical workshops we have to help them succeed need some serious enhancement or re-design to make them modern, visual, and in line with the brain science of improvement.
Country United States
Agency General Services Administration
DoS Office N/A
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Number of Interns 3
Project Description

Workshops are designed in modules so they can be delivered either in a full day or over time in smaller increments. In-person versions plus virtual versions.

- Research specific sub-topics to enhance our content.
- Prepare resource and activity lists for each module.
- Redesign slide decks and worksheets. Use PowerPoint, Prezi or Google Docs in creative ways to design online guides and other contemporary materials.
- Design visually stimulating summaries of key insights from each module in 1-2 page formats, including infographics.
- Prepare modern quick guides that summarize the main points and provide recommended actions or checklists that will be published and disseminated across government.
- Write, ghostwrite or edit blogs or short articles for monthly dissemination to government managers worldwide.
- Follow up with members of a leadership program designed to promote mission achievement to provide follow-up information and conduct check-ins on their progress.

Required Skills or Interests
Additional Information

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Learn about the following topics as you re-work the materials! You will be invited to participate in any virtual delivery of these workshops to practice the skills yourself.

Current Workshop Topics:
- Logic Modeling & its Many Applications
- Developing Strategic Narrative (multiple storytelling models)
- Designing Effective Presentations
- Understanding your Talents & Turning them into Strengths
- Investing in your Entrepreneurial Talents

Additional Topics:
- Google's Project Oxygen Management Traits
- 9 Performance Practices plus 5 Performance Culture Principles Model
- Conducting a Plain Language Review of Plans and Reports