Russian-language virtual newsroom

Project Title Russian-language virtual newsroom
Project Summary VOA Russian Language would like to connect and engage Russian-speaking virtual interns in co-production of multimedia content designed to tell America stories based on unique experiences and from different perspectives.
Country United States
Agency Broadcasting Board of Governors
DoS Office N/A
Post N/A
Section N/A
Number of Interns 50
Project Description

Join VOA Russian and connect with millions of Russian-speakers globally through stories showcasing and explaining America from different angles, and across media platforms. We'd prefer content to be produced in Russian, but good English copies or video packages would easily find its way to VOA's audiences around the world.

Required Skills or Interests
Additional Information

Voice of America is part of the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), an independent federal agency, which is an exciting, multi cultural organization that encompasses all U.S. civilian international broadcasting. The BBG is comprised five networks (VOA, RFERL, MBN, RFA, OCB). It is broadcasting in 61 languages reaching a worldwide audience of 215 million people with news, information, and relevant discussions. Our staff of dedicated journalists and professionals model free and independent media behavior in democracy.