Franklin Fellows Analytics

Project Title Franklin Fellows Analytics
Project Summary Perform analysis of the Franklin Fellows applicant pool to give the program managers data-based insights that will inform and improve future vacancy announcements. [Stephanie Alban-Franco has been assigned to this project.]
Country United States
Agency Department of State
DoS Office HR/REE
Post N/A
Section N/A
Number of Interns 1
Project Description

Analyze the Franklin Fellow applicant pool for a representative number of vacancy announcements. For example:
How many applications from each vacancy announcement
Characteristics of the applicant pool
How many do we approve at panel
How many applicants are eventually placed
Characteristics of those paneled, placed, and not placed
Variations based on time of year of the vacancy announcement
Influence of bureau-requested positions vs. “shopped” applications

Required Skills or Interests
Additional Information

Project runs January-June 2017. Familiarity with the HR/REE Franklin Fellows Program a must.