Project Code: STATE-PHL-122

Migrating Post Newsletter to Blog Format

Project Title Migrating Post Newsletter to Blog Format
Project Summary Create a secure website preferably through “WordPress” that enables the American members of Mission Manila to have faster and broader access to the Community Liaison Office information.
Country Philippines
Agency Department of State
DoS Office N/A
Section CLO
Number of Interns 1
Project Description

The mission of the Community Liaison Office is to engage the American Embassy community, to enhance morale, and provide a critical support system necessary for the community to thrive and succeed in a foreign country. To that end, we would like to transition from a newsletter distributed as a PDF to a blog. Mission Manila is a very large post with nearly every U.S. government agency represented, including the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Justice, Commerce, and USAID. This is wonderful but creates a challenge in the communication and education strategy of CLO due to varying and different IT platforms. The blog would provide all agencies with a single-source for non-sensitive information from the CLO office. Guidance from the Embassy to ensure the website is secure and meets social media protocol will be provided.

Required Skills or Interests
Design thinking
Website design
Additional Information

You will be part of the CLO team which falls under the management section of one of the largest Embassies in the world. Your ability to learn about the functioning of an organization and your skills to utilize this knowledge to create a website as a tool for community engagement will be invaluable. With over 800 clients, providing a central point on the internet for access to information on Manila will enhance the community’s ability to thrive at this post. Sections of the website will include an area for the CLO office to update and upload documents, a community space for members to post advertisements, as well as information and resources on the eight areas of CLO responsibility.

The vision is to have a site similar to the Sticky Beak (, mindful of security concerns as well as ease of use. The content guidance will come from the Community Liaison Office, and the blog will need to be secured with a password.