Project Title Blockchain@State
Project Summary Research applications of Blockchain or distributed ledger technologies in U.S. foreign policy; track developments in Blockchain technology implementation and use cases around the world and prepare weekly briefings for the Bockchain@State working group.
Country United States
Country/Region of Focus Global
Agency Department of State
DoS Office S/GP
Post N/A
Section N/A
Number of Interns 1
Project Description

Blockchain is the core technology behind bitcoin – the digital currency that can be securely transferred between individuals online. Created to record bitcoin activities into perpetuity, blockchain is “a web-based public ledger of transactions, designed to be impervious to tampering, wherein transactions are stored in a string of linked digital blocks.” Because it is uniquely secure while still accessible, blockchain technology is poised to disrupt and improve functions across multiple industries.

Blockchain is not just for bitcoin. And it’s not just for the private sector. Nations and cities around the world are actively utilizing this technology to transform the work of government. This is happening now. And the Department of State cannot afford to wait to explore applications of this technology to the work of international development and diplomacy. Thus, the goal of this project is to help the Office of Global Partnerships and its partners on the Blockchain working group to bring the Department of State into this exciting conversation.

Reporting to the Director for Innovation and the Acting Special Representative for Global Partnerships, the e-Intern will track developments in Blockchain technology and prepare bi-weekly briefings to keep the initiative informed of new applications in the field. The e-Intern will be asked to monitor open internet sources such as technology blogs, news sites, government webpages, and academic journals for developments around Blockchain or distributed ledger technologies in government. Additional tasks may include preparing talking points, background information for a memo, or directed research on a specific stakeholder organization.

Required Skills or Interests
Political Analysis
Additional Information

The ideal candidate will have an interest in technology and foreign affairs as well as excellent communications skills.